Around the World in 10 desserts

around the world in 10 desserts

Craving sweetness? How about a sweet treat? If you have a sweet tooth then this post is surely for you as your dinner or lunch is incomplete without a desert after it, let’s roam around the world in 10 deserts which are as delicious as you love to have them.


  • Crème brulee – France

creme brulee

After Paris, France has been popularly recognized for its sweetness of deserts like the crème brulee is a yummy desert liked and loved all over France. Its rich creamy custard with a top layer of crunchy caramel and it is baked in sweetness.


  • Dadar or Pancakes of Indonesia


Indonesian dadar or pancakes are another wonder of sweetly rolled gulung which means roll. It’s a popular desert of Indonesia and mostly it has been seen eaten at the island of Java. It is a green colored pancake which is made from the fresh Pandanus leaves and inside it is filled with sugar and coconut. Surely a bite of heaven!


  • American Apple Pie

apple pie

Nothing compares to the melting yumminess of America’s apple pie. Apples wrapped in a thick crust and served with heavy whipped cream with a topping of vanilla ice cream and Cheddar cheese. Simply delicious.


  • Turkey’s Baklava

Turkey’s Baklava

Turkey’s most famous specialty and loved desert Baklava is a must thing to try once in your life time. It is Phyllo dough and a layering of chopped nuts inside it, the layers are stacked with one another by the use of honey or syrup and then they are cut into square pieces. You can find Baklava in other parts of India and Pakistan too, but its originality is derived from Indonesia.


  • Italy’s Gelato


Nothing beats the taste and flavor of the lip-smacking Gelato of Italy, it’s an Italian version of uniquely blended ice cream, and you will find the streets of Italy bustling with the restaurants that sell Gelato. Many flavors are merged to bring out this unmatched yumminess including strawberry, raspberry, chocolate and pistachio.


  • Syrniki of Russia


Syrniki is a pancake made up of quark, Russian loves this desert. It is made up of some special cheese which has a taste like sour cream. These pancakes are then fried and topped up with Jam, sour cream, apple sauce or honey.


  • Torta de Santiagoor cake of St. James of Spain

torta de santiago

The torta de Santiago is an almond cake which is highly popular in Spain. It found its origin within the middle ages. The filling inside it has eggs, almonds of course and sugar with a pinch of lemon zest for a taste of sour flavor. The top layer of the pie is decorated with powdered sugar with a cross sign of St. James on it which is imprinted. Much of the cake is tasted as an almond because it has lots and lots of almonds in it.


  • Mochi of Japan


Mochi is a cake made up of mochigome which is a form of rice called glutinous.  The cake can be molded into any shape you like. Mostly it is eaten during the Japanese New Year with a small scoop of ice cream with it, but it is also available rest of the year and remains a favorite of Japanese people.


  • Cuban Pastries

cuban pastries

The Cuban pastries are puff pastries which are baked and filled with sweet fillings. Traditionally, it is filled with cream cheese, coconuts and pineapples or sometimes with sweet potatoes and then they are deep fried. Mostly they are eaten at the time of Argentine Independence day.


  • Banoffee Pie of England

banoffee pie

Banoffee pie is a desert made of Bananas, toffees, cream and rolled into boiled condensed milk. The base is made of either crumbled biscuits, cake or it usually has a pastry base.


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