Believe in yourself because, You Can Do It

Believe in yourself because, You Can Do It

Have you ever seen your dreams shattering in front of your eyes? That’s when the toughest part of the life starts, compromise! Compromise for the sake of society, compromise for the sake of family, compromise for YOURSELF. And at the end we just end up settling for anything that comes our way. But you know what? Life treats you the way you take it. If you accept challenges and act brave, you will have to make a lot of compromises. If you dream and believe that one day, you will achieve what you want; you will put all your efforts to get it and will eventually achieve it.

Life is surely unpredictable, and we, being humans are never satisfied with the uncertain happenings. But the real beauty of life is, whether the time is good or bad, it ends 🙂 it all ends and we can’t do anything about it.

The heartbroken breakup, your best friend’s wedding, a long romantic honeymoon, or just a peaceful sleep… it all ends with time.

And what matters the most is, to get up, smile and say ‘’I’ll be strong, and I believe in myself, my day will come’’

Be strong, be focused and one day life will be tired of upsetting you. Learn from everything happening around, even the worst teaches us a lesson, a lesson to have faith in God, a lesson to be strong and face it. Be determined and thank God for each and every blessing around you. Even the most painful time is not forever, so why cry on small things? Cheer up mate, it ain’t bad for too long!

Life is too short to have only regrets. Make sure you achieve what you want and make the most out of it. Never stop dreaming and stop disappointing yourself. Be your own hero and celebrate each day as a new era of happiness.

Believe in yourself because, You Can Do It! 🙂

I am quirky, blunt and a happy writer, who lives in a crazy fascinating world of unrealistic realities and imaginations. My passion combines my enormous lust of writing and visualizing places I have been or have not been to, and writing them down on web, word pad or on just a piece of paper is the reason behind my peace of mind

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