Travelling again, do you ever work?

I’ve heard this way too many times. Does it bother me, no not really but this is pretty much what most people I know think so I thought to myself, let’s write about it. Also it’s a great way to put some basic travel principles into perspective; for me and those around who either aspire or envy the lifestyle that includes a lot of globetrotting. There are a lot of unanswered questions and I get that, maybe someone’s not really tried to understand that travelling is a science, a lifestyle change and includes a whole lot of discipline.

Why do you travel so much?

Travelling again do you ever work

Why not? The most funny of all questions but I treat it with respect because well, for some travelling is something you do to get away from life as you know it, while for others like us we travel because there is so much to see, experience and learn. When I started travelling, yes it was to get that quick weekend of doing nothing. I’d be happy to just lounge on the beach and the trip would feel a success. Over time that didn’t cut it anymore. I needed to go see more, I desired the unknown more and even if I was returning to a destination I’d been to before I’d be looking at new things to do or places to visit.

Travelling has turned into a necessary way of my life. It is what helps me drag myself out of bed each day and stare at the world map (yes there I said it). I am fascinated by this beautiful world around me. Everything about it intrigues me; the people, culture, language, food (most definitely) and also the magic of each land is what keeps the wanderlust in me alive. Ask most travelers and they will tell you there is something exciting about being someplace for the first time. Not all experiences need be great, some you get right some you don’t but trust me they all make fabulous stories to cherish for a lifetime.

Isn’t it a lot of work to plan your travels?

Travelling again do you ever work

Yes, I agree it is a lot to do but what I’d like to add is that it doesn’t really feel like work. Maybe that’s me just word bashing but truly planning my travels is my most fun thing to do and almost meets the excitement I’d feel by actually being in the place. I get all wired right from the point when we need to pick our next travel stop. Having the world in front and picking one to unveil itself to you is liberating. You know like when we get our birthday presents and we’d be ripping the wrappers to see what’s in it; this anticipation is so similar and equally overwhelming.

Travelling again do you ever work

While I do not have problem asking for help or with people using travel companies to plan. At this point I am at a place where I like to plan my travel myself. Because I truly believe only I should be responsible for my own happiness. I mean if I wouldn’t know what would make my trip memorable, how do I expect a third party to understand? So even though this may seem like much to do, it’s alright. Like I mentioned earlier travelling is a science; it is a combination of research, planning, the ability to adapt to and keeping an open mind about something foreign is what will make this one to remember.

How do you pay for your travels?

Travelling again do you ever work

Save up! There is no alternative or easy way to do this. I call travel a discipline because it needs foresight and smart planning. I keep a full time job and work odd hours keeping pace with its global culture and I still compartmentalize my priorities. There is neither a benefactor paying for my travels (I wish that was true though ;-)) nor am I quietly growing a money tree in the balcony of my apartment. No such luck, my friend. Trust me, I’d be very happy to tell you otherwise but in the real world this doesn’t happen. Like most others, I save up, prioritize my spending and plan way ahead so I can make a trip work. No expensive splurging here baby, because I’d rather be sitting in a flight heading someplace.

And because I want this so badly; like I want to travel often I really take this part seriously. Without money, maintaining a travel lifestyle becomes a challenge and therefore it is imperative that I understand how to manage my finances to make a dream trip happen. I love to travel without having to micro-manage what I am spending on and therefore I like to take my time between trips to give me the chance to prepare. I didn’t think it was possible, I hadn’t travelled abroad till I was in my mid 20’s but once I put my mind to it, I realized it wasn’t the easiest but definitely far from being impossible to do.

How do I manage work and travel?


I mentioned this earlier I do have a full time career and I love it (because it plays on my passion for writing and program management). And my role requires me to stay hands on with the delivery of work from start to finish if we are looking at achieving desired outcome. I am mentioning this because I want to establish one key fact that it is possible for you to be doing important job roles and still manage to find the opportunity to explore the world. I literally work 10-12 hours each day and I still manage to find a workaround.

Travelling again do you ever work

Again, here you use a disciplined approach and like me you can plan ahead. I rarely ever just make a plan and head out (unless it’s a road trip with little preparation required). I use my available holidays, leaves, furlough time and weekends wisely to ensure I get a good number of possible travel slots I could leverage to plan my travel around the world.  Time and work management here will essentially aid your travel dreams. With good devising, you can be awesome at work, use your time off sensibly and be on your way to new adventures.

How long do I want to keep travelling?

If someone is telling you travelling comes with an expiry date then please tell them they are so very wrong. If age is what bothers someone, I have stories of fellow travelers who began their travel adventures much later in their lives,If they’re telling you family responsibilities change and it’s difficult; I have a bunch of my own friends and fellow bloggers who travel with their little ones or older parents in tow and if someone insist that you won’t want to bother with travelling after a point, I’m not sure that can be true because no matter where you’d have been there will still be new places to go.

Travel because you must; I cannot see a point in time when I think I’d want to stop travelling. In fact I often tell my husband that we need to stay fit, agile and healthy so as to keep doing what we want to do. Today I take a lot of joy in creating myself an adventure so that tomorrow I’d have plenty stories to share. With each trip I just seem to want this more badly. I am already planning my next on my return flight from one, that’s how addicted I am to travel. I hope to continue to seek and find hidden stories that are waiting to be told.

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Travelling again do you ever work

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