10 Things We Love About Frosty Winters

Winter is the perfect season for anyone who is immensely in love with the nature and its surroundings. The chilly frosty vibes are enough to evoke the warmth of cosiness in this season. Imagine a night with the sizzle of the chilly blowing winds and a cup of hot coffee, the world seems a little more beautiful during winters. You look good, you feel good and above all, you can dress good. No sweaty dresses, no bad odour, just the smiling you and the pretty environment. People tend to fall in love with each and everything around them, don’t agree? Well, you will! By the time you end up reading this blog, you will fall in love with the wondrous winter season. Here are 10 things we love about frosty winters

More Reasons To Have Coffee

10 things we love about frosty winters

Coffee is love. And winters brings with it the seductive, flavoursome, delicious taste of coffee beans spilling in our mugs.


Food Tastes More Scrumptious

10 things we love about frosty winters

For all the odd reasons, food taste delightful in winters. Trust me you will end up with an empty wallet by the time this season ends. And there is a variety of food to try during this season. From hot deserts to spicy cuisines, the list goes on…


Wearing Jackets/Hoodies/Warm Clothes

10 things we love about frosty winters

When winters are here, it’s time to dress good. And it’s time to take out all the leather jackets and trendy hoodies that are kept safe.


Nights are Blissful

10 things we love about frosty winters

Winter nights are not only cosy but relaxing. The surrounding silence and the peace is something we all look forward to. The winter nights are truly a blessing in disguise, at least for people like me who enjoy their own company more than anything in the world.


Days are Cosy

10 things we love about frosty winters

Days are spent in finding the socks and shawls. And we are in a constant search for chances to get in our comforters and blankets to have a relaxing quick nap, and trust me; nothing is more peaceful than a 5 minutes nap in winters.


No Oily Skin

10 things we love about frosty winters

THE BEST OF ALL the 10 things we love about frosty winters is that you don’t have to worry about your face getting oily every then and now. Plus, you don’t have to rush every 5 minutes to wash off the dirt and oil on your face, pure pleasure!


Perfect Selfie Season

10 things we love about frosty winters

Oh yesss!!! You can have the perfect selfies in the winter season. The skin looks good, the hair look silky and straight and the mood turns entirely romantic 😉


Love Is In The Air

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And all those romantic songs of 90s are on the playlist, with a smile on face and a hope in heart that somewhere someone is waiting for us. And if you are lucky to have that special one in your life already then, feel blessed and spend the mesmerising winter nights with them.


No Mood Swings

10 things we love about frosty winters


At least I don’t have the constant mood swings in winters. For some reasons, I feel good about myself and the people around me.


Winter Sales!!

10 things we love about frosty winters


The 10th one out of all the 10 things we love about frosty winters is damn good news for the shopaholics!! Winters do bring the best sale of the year; it’s usually the end of year sale which is kick-ass!  And for obvious reasons, shopping becomes much more interning with less sweaty people around 😀


if you have more reasons to love winters, do let us know by leaving a comment below 🙂 We would love to hear it from you.. 🙂


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