5 web design tools you can’t live without


Web designing is not a piece of cake for everyone, for some it is one of those things they are totally unaware of, and for others, they might be pro at it, but there are some web designing tools which have made life easier, for developers and for people like me, who are a bit unaware of it.

Some of these web designing tools have taken over the world by a storm for their excellent and exceptional performance, may be because using Photoshop has became too cliché but living without it is something unimaginable for the web developers.

Some of the top 5 web design tools you can’t live without are mentioned below:


1) Adobe Photoshop

To start the list of the 5 web design tools you can’t live without, whether we intend or no we have to agree that Photoshop has left us with no other option but to accept that it is a blessing in disguise for all those web developers out there.

Photoshop with it numerous range of tools has made it easier for everyone to get access to the world of development and editing, from drawing mockups to complete execution, to the wire framing and the use of other tools.

Photoshop has set the bar way too higher for any other web designing tool to reach with such an approach.


2) Affinity

Affinity is a tool which has almost damaged the ‘’very good’’  image  of Photoshop of being web  the most used web designing tool, the app is clearly and uniquely designed to serve as one of the basic yet best graphic and web designing tool.

It has some unique features including adjustable nondestructive layers, making it easier to adjust the vectors and images.

Affinity allows you to be able to do 8000 steps. Affinity has kept everything simpler and easy especially for beginners who want to get a new start or rid from Photoshop, mostly.




3) Avocode

Avocode can easily be dubbed as any frontend developer’s best friend to code websites simply and in a hassle free manner; it is one of those inventions of the same team who gave us PNG Hat and CSS Hat. Avocode is quick at automatically analyzing the PSD files to give them a new scratch UI design.

You have numerous options rather than just the basic editing, including the text editing option and clicking the elements in the design, furthermore, it enables you to get a clear preview of your design and get files exported easily.

Rightly said, Avocode has been a connecting element between the developer and designer making it easier for you to export your Photoshop files with all the layers and elements being intact as they were.


4) Sketch

Sketch was launched in 2009 and from then it has been a famous and friendly invention for all the people seeking good web design tools.

The feature of sketch include exporting of symbols and even vectors. Sketch is pro at creating one click export, it seems like a very efficient photo editor, which is actually an unintended, or you can say intended intention of the founder of the company but sketch has made easier to transit designs to development.

It has access to various plug-ins including the Magic Mirror, the image transformation allows to do non destructive editing with options like image flipping and multi page referencing.


5) Atomic:

The last, but not the least one on the list of 5 web design tools you can’t live without is the Atomic, It is a web designing tool that has recently been a centre of attraction for every developer;

It allows you to generate creative designs, it is a famous tool mostly used to create mockups for your clients to give them an overview of the work done.

It’s the best tool to start off a design from the scratch and give it a look you desire; also you can pull designs from Photoshop to it.

It has the collaborative ability to quickly stretch out a basic structure of the design and then send it to your designer for further execution.


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