An Open Letter To My Siblings

It’s not just an An Open Letter To My Siblings but a lot more than I always wanted to say

I was the second child of my parents after my sister. Born as a girl, you are mostly not much a ‘wanted’ or “much loved” one in your family. Parents usually expects a baby boy after a girl, but to my parent’s surprise, I came to this world. No, I am not ranting about how bad my life was, I am a happy person and a much happier daughter of my parents. All I missed throughout my life was the kind of affection my sister got. She is still loved the most by my parents and by me too. I love her, she’s my eternal support. We both share a great understanding and throughout these years, all we’ve grown up to is love, affection and bond for each other. But, we never knew that our lives will completely change when a younger brother will be born.

After 4 years of my existence, came our baby brother. When he was born, I thought I’ve achieved the biggest gift of my life and all my silly childhood questions came to an end. I forgot about all my endless queries about life and started seeing him as a reason to smile, and he was actually the reason I smiled throughout these years.

His little steps became my biggest super power, I never needed a friend as he was always there as the sweetest toy. We laughed, we cried, we shared silliest memories of our life, we got scolded for our mischiefs and loved for our bonding. Nonetheless, we 3 shared an inseparable bonding.

Time passed, we grew up, and my brother took his ultimate life decision. He decided to go Melbourne for his higher studies, obviously I was happy… Happiest! What unacceptable to me was there will be no ”him” in my equation of life from now, that’s it, it was my only concern. But I kept my feelings aside, and supported him in his decision, I am sure my sister shared the same feeling, I can bet on that.

A day came when his trip was turning into an impossible venture, but we didn’t lose hope. We struggled with him so that he can make his career the way he wanted. When you are the only “son” of your parent’s, they have a lot expectations from you, obviously!

After all the hurdles and haphazard, finally came the day when it was more obvious that the process is all okay, and he will be leaving us within a week or two. Excited us, hiding our tears somewhere in our hearts, supported each other and made all the possible requirements to settle him abroad. Of course it was majorly my father’s hard work and my brother’s will to settle.

I am happy that he is clear in his mind that he has to take over the responsibilities of my father, he is working hard and being away from him, I can still feel his hard work and compassion about his life decisions.

It’s been 2 years, he has visited us once in these years and at that time we couldn’t control our emotions, for obvious reasons. I am writing this open letter because I want everyone to know that the world is a beautiful place especially when you have a family with you. We often don’t understand the importance of life, how come there are so many news on channels and newspapers about siblings fighting over money and having differences. I mean how? How can you even go against with someone who’s living with you and shares the same blood?

The main issue is, somewhere in our society, we all have forgotten the purpose and importance of love. We are so busy maintaining our relations with unknown, that we sometimes hurt our close ones.

But how can you ignore the most precious gift of God? In my An Open Letter To My Siblings I would like to state that Siblings are your best supporters, the optimum choice when it comes taking life decisions and the only people you can trust when no one is beside you.

I am quirky, blunt and a happy writer, who lives in a crazy fascinating world of unrealistic realities and imaginations. My passion combines my enormous lust of writing and visualizing places I have been or have not been to, and writing them down on web, word pad or on just a piece of paper is the reason behind my peace of mind

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