Black Friday, The Biggest Shopping Sale of the Year



Good news for all the shopping lovers, it’s time now for the Black Friday, the biggest shopping sale of the year is right after the Thanksgiving Day. From the early 2000s, the Black Friday is referred as the beginning time for Christmas shopping season. On this day, majority of the retailers open their gates for you early to shop around and they offer promotional deals and sales. As Christmas is a peak of selling and buying goods for many nations around the Globe. The increase in revenue and sales uplifts during this time, in US, the Christmas Shopping Season starts from October as people buy gifts and household goods for the Christmas event and they buy it early when they can get them at cheaper prices.


In 2014, over $50.9 billion were spent in just 4 days when it was the Black Friday Weekend, the biggest shopping sale of the year. You will find the retailers opening their shops for you at 6:00am, even some opens their shops at 4:00am to 5:00am so that it’s more convenient for people to shop around. In 2012, the retailers opened the gates at midnight. Due to the rush and run of people bumping in the shops you may come across some violence and chaos but don’t worry, keep shopping, it’s everyone’s day.



It is a common practice in many states of people camping in front of their desired shops so that they can jump into as soon as it opens and shop as much as they can.

In many states of US, including California, Michigan, Kentucky, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, it is a declared holiday after the Thanksgiving Day and it is a busiest shopping day in the history of any state till date.

The Black Friday, the biggest shopping sale of the year has combined reasons for being a popular holiday in the cities, as it is an unofficial start of the Christmas celebrations and many employers give their employees an off as a weekend of Thanksgiving so that they can enjoy to the fullest. Many retailers around the world offer the best discount and sales on this day whether it’s big or small, you will find a sale of the year. The Black Friday is a heaven for Shopaholics, all your cravings and desires for shopping can be fulfilled


If we look at the origin of the term Black Friday then it dates back to the year 1869 when US faced a financial crisis and the day was celebrated in honor to memorize the times of crisis. Even the departmental store arranges the Christmas Parades during this season as a welcome sign of Santa or they refer it to as Santa has arrived.

So all the Shopaholics, tie your laces and get your ATM and debit cards being wiped off at the retailers shops in your town. This Black Friday on 27th November, 2016, right after the Thanksgiving, make the most of it and celebrate a pre-Christmas celebration with your loved ones.

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