The CEO of Shahid Afridi Foundation took his wife to world bank and people and gushing all over it

This beautiful picture of the CEO of Shahid Afridi Foundation director at various boards and advisor to top companies with his wife, took her to World Bank for a dialogue with corporate leadership.
I have seen so many posts with almost the same caption, this clearly means people are just copy pasting the stuff and are not seeing the actuality of the post!
The CEO of Shahid Afridi Foundation took his wife to world bank and people and gushing all over it
People all around are praising the beauty of Islam that can be seen in his wife’s hijab and his beard, which is obviously B-E-A-U-T-I-T-F-U-L but, the main concern was not ONLY their attire, it was their determination and dedication towards their work. It was not about their clothing that was the main point of empowerment but it was the recognition of one’s talent that should actually motivate us all.
Having beard and hijab is one’s personal choice in my opinion, and that is exactly what Mr Zeeshan Afzal , The CEO of Shahid Afridi Foundation said in one of his replies to these trending posts. 

The CEO of Shahid Afridi Foundation Mr. Zeeshan Afzal’s Reply:-

Bless you ALL more for your comments. But I think many missed the point. Just pasting a reply I sent to another comment.
I feel our youth needs direction. I have conducted lectures across top universities in Pakistan and have spoken at Parliment, International Delegates and met foreign Governments and always speak about our youth.
empowerment is not our clothing. Empowerment is recognizing your talent and encouragement and valuing and respecting the choice of everyone. Empowerment is respecting values of others. Empowerment is empowering your wife to let her make her own choice and let her stand tall. The #beard and #hijab is ones own choice, same as anyone who does not want to do it. That is a personal matter between a human and his/ her beliefs. Some feel empowered by doing this, some dont. We must as a society have the patience and heart to respect all. That is how Humanity and society gel in.
Also, women empowerment is not about social media. Have we seen how our women are treated in villages and rural areas. 70% of Pakistan is rural population and I have worked hard to help these deserving women… who need our support but not our talks only.
Lastly, empowerment starts from oneself 1st… who we want to empower our mothers, sisters, daughters and our own family. How we stand by our wife to make her rise and shine and how we want to empower our generations to give them a better and beautiful Pakistan.
As a society we have got lost in translation and lost our values and respect for others. Everyone of you.. everyone in Pakistan is our brother and sister. Irrespective of any color caste or creed, let us be one and unite to be able to make a real tangible difference. A million more smiles for all and everyone.
Let us all open our hearts and minds. We must also understand that we all can agree to disagree. We must attack the comment not the person. That is how we all learn and graduate. Let us be one and spread a msg of peace, love, prosperity. Let us all support each other.
Pakistan Zindabad… A proud muslim and an Ummait of our Prophet (PBUH) who is struggling to get better.
More power, respect and blessings for you and everyone. God bless us all and keep us on the right direction.
Remember in duas.

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