Different People, Diverse Cultures

How beautiful it is to live in a world where someone’s language, their tradition and their way of following it is all adored and appreciated. We all have our own little piece of living, to sum up, in some ways or the other, we all are contributing differently to the society, sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

I really wish I could take you to a tour of all the cultures and their diversities and will do complete justice with all the mentioned cultures but it’s nearly impossible to put them all in a nutshell, though explaining one culture is a real struggle to avoid yourself from being felonious.

Here’s a list of different people, diverse cultures, contributing to add beauty to the world and has successfully done so.


African Culture

The continent of Africa has 53 countries, all have their own practicing cultures, in terms of religion, art, language and they too have tribal differences.



The African Tribes:

The Afar Tribes can be found in Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti;The Ashanti tribes are seen in central Ghana and the Amharatribes in specifically Ethiopia. The Chewa tribes are situated in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia; moreover, the Berber tribes are seen in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya.


Clothing and Festivals:

Africans are seen usually in vibrantly bright coloured clothing and a touch of eastern influence is observed in Egypt, traditional females practice wearing the Kaftan, and male prefers colourful Dashiki covering their upper half body.

With the Muslims festivals like Eid and Ramadan, the Africans celebrate New Year and Christmas too, other than that their festivals revolves around with the celebrations of harvest and farming, including the Yam festival, Festival of Opet, Homowo and the Osirian festival.



American Culture

Americans are a blend of Native Americans and also immigrants from Germany, Poland, Italy, Asia and Africa can be found here. Being one of those states which have been facing racial discrimination, now the land is separately recognized as European Americans, African Americans, Asian and Native Americans.


Religions, Art and Language:

Once the American literature and art was all influenced and inspired by the European artists, which gradually took a change by the time it was the 19th century, when the American paints and landscape sculptures were seen in work. People also have adopted Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism as their primarily adopted culture.

USA doesn’t have any exact official or national language, however, majority speaks English, immigrants from Spain speak Spanish and it has become the second most spoken language in USA.


Cuisines, Clothing and Festivals:


Again, the American cuisine has a greater influence of the European food, however, as you move from region to region, the taste and ingredients varies. Where hamburgers and Apple pie could be disclosed as their national food as they are eaten the most, not specifically though.

The most commonly emerged trend from America is the use of wearing ‘’blue jeans’’ which were named as the work clothes, lately.

Festivals are similar to the ones in other cultures, including New Year, Christmas and good Friday to be celebrated greatly, moreover, Halloween, Hanukkah, St. Patrick’s day and the Thanks giving day is also celebrated with great enthusiasm.


Indian Culture

The land of spicy food, Curry delights and street hawkers, where Yoga is known as a healing technique and the land has a diverse population one could ever imagine at one place. Yes Indian culture is all about diversity at its peak. However, Indian Culture has its root initiated from the Indus Valley civilization.



Art and Religion

As mentioned above, Indian culture is all about diverse population, so it has all the mixed up combination of religions being followed, whereas Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Jainism can be observed at its peak.

The art involves the rock carving, Madhubani paintings and Chola fresco paintings, Hindu music and dance has also been a great part of its culture


Festivals and Language


Indians festivals are always vibrantly recognized, including Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam and Navratri to be celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Languages include many, but Hindi is the commonly spoken, native language of Indians living specially in India.


Pakistani Culture

Though being neighbouring country to India, Pakistan has a complete different culture and its traditions. Pakistan has 4 provinces and all of them shares different culture in their own terms. The main motto of Pakistan when it got independence was to get the freedom to follow religious values and practice Islamic customs mostly, however, the ratio of Hindus and Muslims remains uncounted in the country.


Language and Literature


Pakistanis speak Urdu mostly and it is their national language too, other than that Sindhi, Balochi and Punjabi is spoken in different parts of the country depending on their differences.


Clothing and Art


A great influence of literature and poetry can be seen in Pakistani culture. The national dress of Pakistan is “ShalwarKameez” that is a long upper shirt and loose bottoms. However, in a nutshell, the culture of Pakistan is based on the Islamic values and traditions.

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