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Are you a person that gets fascinated by watching any drama or series about Army officials? Their personality and aura give you fan moment when you meet any graceful army official. That happens to me too. I went to ASRC (Army Selection and Recruitment Center) for a test regarding Lady Cadet Course. The only thing that convinced me to give the test was the “Captain” rank that I would get if I pass the test and undergo the training, and I had a firm believe that everything happens to make you learn valuable things

Though I couldn’t make it, the experience of being at that center and waiting for hours made me learn many things. Let me tell you about the fan moment, I saw a panaflex at the center claiming that we don’t entertain any referrals and inappropriate candidates and in the end. After some time, the one who took my interview appeared from his office to take a round of center.

He walked past the registration area where I was waiting among many other girls.  The moment I saw him with his name tag was mesmerizing. His personality caught my eyes but I tried to stay normal as I don’t want to be noticed. The thing that attracted me was his personality, the uniform and of course the rank. Besides that, I learned some valuable things too that were academic as well as for my personal grooming.

1) You can always learn different things from your surrounding:

I am a Hijabi and try to learn new styles. I met many girls there who came for the test. I saw two girls wearing the same hijab style. I stared at their style for long enough to understand the hijab style. I wore the hijab next day and successfully copied them-plus is that style suited me too 😛

2) To Be Patient:

Many girls were sitting there taught me how to be less considerate and wait without complaining too much. Good things in life take time and every moment teaches you a lesson only if you concentrate.

3) Time Management:

It’s a key for those who are preparing for an army/navy or even for an entry test. Playing with the time and attempting questions intelligently is the only best option that can make you succeed. Focus on the questions you can solve rather than wasting time on questions with long calculations and thought process. These questions are always included to test your skills of time management and unfortunately, I failed even after trying a lot not to waste time. But better luck next time 🙂

4) Come out of your shell:

I am a bit introvert and feel difficult to initiate a conversation with new people. Luckily, I always find some talkative people that entertain me. But this time I tried something new. I tried to come out of my shell and started a conversation sitting next to me and soon I realized that it’s not that difficult to start a small talk. I hope it will continue and make me a better person in communications 😛

5) There’s nothing bad in failure

Though not passing an intelligence was hitting my self-esteem. I met many girls who came out with a smile despite being failed in the test. When I communicated with one of those I found that they are happy because they at least tried and learned something that will definitely help them in the future at some point.

6) Brush off your old skills:

I polished some mental math’s technique too as there was a section of that in the test with the strict time limit. Doing tick-tok like a time bomb and thinking under pressure was challenging as well as fun.

Overall experience was great. I was skeptical about going to a new place for a test early morning. I won’t lie that I prayed before going to bed and setting alarm ‘ ALLAH subah aankh dair sey khulay,test ka time nikal jaye’ 😛 I was afraid of giving the test but I did because I don’t want to regret in future.

My advice is to try new things, don’t listen to the thoughts every time. Chances are there to avail, don’t let them go unattended. No matter you get a pass or fail; you will at least not get the pangs of conscience! Sometimes, coming out of the shell is the best way to explore yourself 🙂

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Ms. Sila Zahid


I am media practitioner currently working as a reasearcher and content writer in a news channel. With this i am doing my Mba in HR from karachi university. Writing about my own experiences and health related blogs/articles are my favourites. Positive criticism is most welcomed

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