Fascinating Beauty Tips For a Flawless You

30 Fascinating Beauty Tips For a Flawless You

Look Gorgeous, Because you are worth it

Fashion changes so are the trends, the world is evolving through the fascinating beauty trends which are making the people even more beautiful and flawless to get up with any attire. Whether you are in search of getting the perfect hair bun or hair do, or seeking a neat dress up, or you end up here just searching latest trends to look beautiful, we have a bunch of advises for everyone.

  1. Use moisturizing cream to clean up your face at night especially to avoid any dryness
  2. Use the shampoos and conditioners especially made for coloured hairs to have a long lasting colour on hair
  3. To get a flawless skin, apply creams right after the bath to have perfect skin texture.
  4. Have more of carrots to have beautiful hairs and skin.
  5. If you are lazy enough not to wash your face after a tiring day keep makeup removing wipes for a quicker action.
  6. Eye Liners and mascaras should be changed or removed every 3 to 4 months.
  7. If your nail colour chip, use glitter on it to hiding the disgusting nail look.
  8. Rinse you hairs with cold water at the end of the bath to avoid causing damage to hairs.
  9. Wear or apply what suits you, make that your fashion statement rather copying others, you never know what suits you.
  10. When selecting the foundation shade for you face, compare it with your neck skin to get the nearest best possible result.
  11. Use hairsprays to uplift the volume of hairs.
  12. When trying any product for a damaged skin, go for home remedies at first, they are less risky.
  14. When ironing the hair with a flat iron, use it on less heat to have less dry hairs.
  15. Take steam every now and then to get your pores repaired.
  16. Use lip balm or Vaseline rather Lipsticks especially in summers for less damaged lips
  17. Don’t use perfumes or deodorants underarms and at any sensitive skin right after waxing/shaving or using hair removing creams.
  18. Keep your kajal or eye pencil in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes before using to have smudge free eye look
  19. If you don’t have a nail polish remover, apply clear nail polish and wipe it off quickly. It will help removing the old nail polish.
  20. Eat more of vegetables to have proper and healthier skin
  21. Pro tip: clean up your makeup kit once a year to get rid of all the old product, that may have expired and you have no ideas that you are still using them.
  22. Get your hairs trimmed after every 6 months to let your hair grow properly.
  23. AVOID washing your hairs on daily basis else you will end up with extreme dry hairs.
  24. Sunscreens claiming they will last the whole day are not reliable entirely, so put on the sunscreens every 2 to 3 hours.
  25. Drink lots and lots of water to have a healthy skin.
  26. Do icing before applying makeup to have a fixed or smudge free makeup.
  27. In summers, try to do as less makeup as you can to have a fresh looking you.
  28. Don’t overdo the blush on as it increases the chances of you looking broader.
  29. Don’t wear high heels especially pencil heels if you can’t, it’s pointless to look uncomfortable while walking.
  30. Go with what make you look good and whatever makes you feel comfortable. Don’t entirely depend on the fashion trends, it’s useless to be unsure about your fashion statement.


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