If Your Bae Has These 10 Qualities, DON’T LET THEM GO!!

He’s awesome and he loves you.. Is that all you need? Or, are you too amongst the clan of women who seek nothing but perfection? If yes then watch out! We have a 5 minutes stop for you. and if you are lucky enough to have a ‘bae’ too baby’ish  then holla ladies!! Hold onto him and lock him right in your heart 😉 If Your Bae Has These 10 Qualities DONT LET THEM GO


He tells you each and every little detail about his routine

From what he ate to what time he left the office, you are his very own personal diary.

He loves you immensely and respects your family with all his heart

He loves you for sure but also respects your family values and traditions. he never says ‘your famly’ instead e says our family! 🙂


If Your Bae Has These 10 Qualities DONT LET THEM GO!!

He’s FUNNY!!!

Above all!! He’s fun to get along. He laughs and makes all the efforts to make you laugh. No matter how clumsy he acts, he will do anything to be your clown

He annoys you with ALL the cutest/silliest/funniest things

Although he doesn’t know you love being annoyed by him 😉

You are his ultimate target and, he can do anything to irritate you.  he’ll snatch your favourite novel while you’re reading it, say bad things about your favourite singer or deliberately act stupid.

If Your Bae Has These 10 Qualities DONT LET THEM GO!!






He’s not only your bae but your best friend

He shares everything with you, he smiles, laughs and enjoys all little things of life with you. he shares all the boy’ish secrets with you and reminds you that you are his buddy !


He asks you for your advice before taking any decision

His never take any decision before asking you. you are his advisor and a friend he can rely on because he knows he can only trust you!

If Your Bae Has These 10 Qualities DONT LET THEM GO!!







He sets his future goals while keeping you in mind

He cannot imagine his future without you. he sets his aims where you can accompany him. You are his entire strength his future has that ‘we’ll do it together’’ approach.

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He compromises for you

Although he’s a mad-o-holic for cars and video games but when it comes to choose between you or the materialistic stuff, he chooses you 🙂







He surprises you every then and now just to see you smile

A 12’o clock birthday surprise, a sudden I love you I the middle of the conversation or an unplanned movie night out, he do it all just for that one smile on your face 🙂

He offers you HIS food

He loves food! For all the obvious reasons but if you are not satisfied with the food you ordered, he will offer you his burger that he has been craving since morning.

Love is truly the most beautiful feeling in this world. Feel it, adore it and take pride in what you have. The world has enough hatred, don’t let go off your loved ones ever. You have misunderstandings? Talk. You had a fight? Say sorry! Waiting for his text message? It’s OK, you can text him first.

Make all the possible efforts to make a relationship successful. And for the guys, don’t just treat her like a princess; also keep her like a princess and no matter what happen, she’ll be always by your side…

Shout out to all the amazing people who fell in love purposely or accidentally, you all are blessed!! 😉


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