Is there a trick to WIN Ludo Star? We Say YES

How To Win Our Most Favorite Game? Keep Reading & You’ll Get To Know!

Ludo star has taken the world of smartphones by a storm, and this is not just US yelling about it for no reason, it’s the number of downloads of the app that are the proves. Ludo star is downloaded by users multiple times and people are going JUST Crazy AF with its charm. And why not? We all need a thing to get used to of and here comes Ludo star, the ultimate rescue, which is not only trending these days but has also become an important part of our day to day life.

Having said that, there are many people who think they are not lucky enough to win this game, but you never know what hacks you are not following or what blogs [just like this one] you are not reading. So if you are also among those who are fed up of failing and loosing in this ultimate champ game, we will share the MOST tried and tested hack of winning ludo star, and how? With obviously bringing higher numbers on the dice.

Now this trick simply revolves around when you toss the dice, yes we are talking about the dice which is rolling clock wise right beside your dice.

Is there a trick to WIN Ludo Star? We Say YES!


All you need to do is, press the dice button as soon as the timer comes on 3 [as the clock time says]



1:15, 2:15, 3:15. As the timer rolls on ‘’15’’ of the 5 times table running in clock, there you get a ‘6’ FOR SURE and if not, then definitely a higher number for sure.

And this we are saying with our very own experience, so stop loosing, be the champ because if anybody asks is there a trick to WIN Ludo Star? We Say YES! DEFINITELY

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