Odds of Being a Woman in Men’s Society

Odds of Being a Woman in Mens Society


You know the real odds of being a woman in men’s society starts when she is born, those little hands and feet roaming here and there, those chattering sounds and echoes around the house, those babbling chaos made by her lets you know that the blessing has arrived and you are finally parent to a baby girl, you are now blessed to be cherish all those moments a girl brings, you will witness the most beautiful days of your life and even future but, that’s not where the reality ends, it’s a whole new start of a tragic journey of a woman’s life, her birth is a reminder that one more sad story is about to be written, another heart wrenched poet is emerging, or… one more heartbroken writer is born.

Those wonders of childhood only remains till the end of it, the chattering sounds were the nicest hum of your house, now they are considered childish because it is disliked by the society. You spoiled her by fulfilling all her wishes and now you are teaching her to learn how to sacrifice in order to maintain peace in the society. You gave her all the strength and power she needed in her childhood, the mental and the physical but now you are constantly reminding her that she is weak and has to settle for less at any cost.

Those were the days when she used to cry aloud and you all unconsciously came running to her just to protect her from her evil thoughts and that was what exactly she wanted, your attention. But now she is crying every night keeping a heavy pillow on her head, soaking her pillow with tears and mind with unconditional thoughts, hiding all her fears, doubts and discomforts inside her but what you know what has changed? She doesn’t want anyone to see her now, she is not doing this for the sake of attention, she is incapable of telling you what went wrong and how mistaken she was taken and when you ask her in the morning that what happened? Why her eyes are swelled, she conveniently replies ‘’I am Fine, Just didn’t get proper sleep’’. And that’s enough for you to get back to your normal life because you think she is mature and doesn’t need any support or love anymore. yes this is the limit when the actual odds of being a woman in men’s society ends.

Our society is always judging a female with her outlook, with the way she walks and talks, with the way she is living, never a guy is told how wrong he is when he stares an unknown female on roads, he is never constantly reminded to lower his gaze but a woman is told to dress up appropriately otherwise she has to face the consequences.

Then why those fake behaviors in the childhood? Why those bogus satisfactions of words? Why did you buy her favourite toys and stuff she demanded? You could have easily refused saying you are a girl! And you know what? She would have accepted the reality certainly in her childhood as she is doing now, and it would be less painful for sure.

When she is a daughter, she will never hear any misleading comment behind you and will fight with anyone who comes across saying wrong about you, when she is a sister, she will spoil you in all the possible ways by fulfilling all your wishesand agreeing with whatever you say. When she is a wife, she will show you how beautiful life is, she will fight for your happiness every night and day just to see you smiling, she will love you unconditionally and will adore any little effort made by you for her. When she is a mother, she is now a complete woman; she now has learned the actual meaning of being born as a girl, the reason behind all the pains, sorrows, sacrifices and burdens that were on her shoulder since birth, they all are nothing in front of this happiness, she is purely in love with her life and does the best she could do for her children. Even though she is facing all the unnecessary odds of being a woman in men’s society, she is a just a woman and every woman has a heart of gold

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