Pakistani Girl Winning Hearts of Indians and Made Pakistanis Proud

In a World Full of Hatred… Be Tooba and Ritu

My friend Tooba, who recently went India [Harda] to visit her maternal relatives, came back becoming a hero of Indian Nation because of her outstanding gesture I can ever expect from her. The day she was coming back from India, she bought a Hindu Idol for one of our colleagues, Ritu, who also works with us in the organization.

Tooba was concern about what to bring for Ritu from India, and she made a right choice by bringing her a “Saraswati Ki Moorti” which is said to be a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. She totally became the Pakistani Girl Winning Hearts of Indians and Made Pakistanis Proud

The Indian Media has done a great coverage on it, saying that this is truly an appreciable step towards friendship and modesty between two nations. Rightly said though, we need more gestures like these in a world full of hatred, where two friends love each other despite of their religion differences. We all should see this as a positivity coming from one nation to another.

I am proud of my friend, she has set a perfect symbol of “Friendship Goals” and I am really happy that this has all been done in a beautiful manner.

Pakistani Girl Winning Hearts of Indians and Made Pakistanis Proud


I am proud of you Tooba for breaking all stereotypes and doing such a sweet gesture. The world need more people like you, we don’t want hate! we don’t support fights! We support love, friendship and equality! And reality is, the world is so used to of hate that seeing such gesture is too rare these days.

I am so happy that I am surrounded by people like her, she literally made my day by telling me this whole story.

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