Quotes by us


quotes by us

Wish to contribute? We will be posting Quotes sent by you with your name so that we can inspire others by what we think, what we say. You can send us your quotes at: info@bigblogbox.com with the subject “Quote by [your name]”. Let’s Start The Journey…

Quote by Kausar Waseem

“The World is one big platform to be what you want to be, not everyone is brave enough to be a writer”. – Kausar Waseem

Quote by Kausar Waseem

“You realize you are your own hero when everyone fails to impress you”.  – Kausar Waseem

Quote by Kausar Waseem

“There’s just a thin line between Dreaming and Believing”.  – Kausar Waseem

Quote by Kausar Waseem

“A lot has been said and done in the name of Love that it has become too cliche to express it genuinely”.  – Kausar Waseem

Quote by Kausar Waseem

“Everything that is said truth is half a lie”.  – Kausar Waseem

Quotes by Kausar Waseem

“Life doesn’t come with a manual to learn everything, it is a step by step tutorial”.  – Kausar Waseem


“Life is like an unpredictable movie where you can only guess what’s next” – Wardah Khan

Quote by us

In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take


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