The Famous Food Portal Collaborates With The Giant of Food Business

It might be none of my business, but keeping a record of all the latest news is all what I am up to these days. I heard it from one of my sources that the famous restaurant “LalQila” recently stepped into the food portal business. And now the question is which portal is it? Is it of their own? Or they are collaborating with someone? Keep reading, keep reading! You’ll get to know 😀

The Famous Food Portal Collaborates With The Giant of Food Business

Once there was a portal named Foortal [hope I am correct with the spell]. Ok so this Foortal renamed itself into Supermeal once they got to know that awaam ke mu per Foortal charh nhn raha aur wo ajeeb ajeeb words bana rahe hain is se -__- [Doodle, shooter, fooder etc] anyways, after renaming themselves, they worked their heart and souls out to be a grand food portal but then came another giant [yes the panda thing] and swept over everyone’s feet.

P:Why I didn’t mention their name? Because I had a REALLY BAD experience with them -_- [not mentioning it right now]

Supermeal was looking for their franchise partner some days back, I saw a post of it straddling on my screen, I guess LalQila also saw that and being a giant in the food business, they offered their services and why not? They are a good option to be chosen as a partner.

Cutting long story short, there was a time when ordering food online was a mess, but I guess not now because almost everyone is having a lazy routine and prefers home delivery over dine in. So in my opinion it’s a good decision to be entering in such a growing business. So, if this ‘urhi urhi khabar’ is a truth, best of luck to both the companies and if not? Maaf kardena bhaiii! Blog ura denge hum 😀



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