The Food Portal Venture Becomes a Massive News

This blog is for everyone who only believes in stats. As stated earlier in one of our blogs about LalQila joining Supermeal as a franchise partner, here’s the confirmation that LalQila said Yes to Supermeal’s proposal.

The Food Portal Venture Becomes a Massive News : Read More,

No it’s not about the Shadi ka proposal, it’ about LalQila joining Supermeal Pakistan as a Territory partner.

Earlier this morning, this news was published in many of the popular newspapers and online magazines. Hence, it is confirmed now that this deal is an actual one and honestly it’s a great step towards success and growth of online food business in Pakistan.

As stated in multiple newspapers “Waqar Shah, CEO, Supermeal, Zaheer Yousuf, Director, LalQila Restaurant, Muhammad Kabir Khan, Head of Business Development and Marketing, Supermeal Pakistan, and other senior officials were present at the occasion”

We wish you both a successful tenure and hope for seeing some good and progressive work towards the betterment of food business in Pakistan.


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