Type of Foodies you will find at all Iftaar Parties

Food for thought is that iftaar parties are a must for during Ramzan, though I believe in dining at home during Ramzan but some people have those big lungs and a huge appetite to hop on those iftaar parties.

P.S: I have 2 glasses of water and feel like “Rubber Ki Aurat”

Type of Foodies You will find at all Iftaar Parties

Khair cutting long rant short, iftaar parties are our jaan! Whether you are in Pakistan or a Pakistani living abroad, there’s a MUST iftaar party at everyone’s place. Once I dined in with my family outside at a lavish restaurant in Karachi [No I am not showing off that I am a burrrrrger bachi] but yes I went to this big porch restaurant and only thing I did was I noticed people there.

It was a sight seen once in a million I tell you! People were actually eating as if this is the last day on planet and food will be the MOST missed thing in Aakhrat [Astagfirullah].

Khair let me share the experience in detail as what Type of Foodies you will find at all Iftaar Parties which are likely to be found almost everywhere!

The Pani Ki Billi:

Now these people only have one focus in life after iftaar, Pani pe Attack! Let me tell you, itna paani store nahin ho sakta, you will get away with it anyways! [Hehehe]. These people will only toot parho on Paani/Sharbat/Juices/Mashroobat. Once they are done with watering their fat belly they think that they’ve wasted the money on an expensive buffet because hello! Pani thoos liya hai aapne!

The Fried Items Lovers:

Am I the only one who hate these fry items in iftaar because it gives me a feeling [personally] jesey itni diet kar ke gawaah di. It’s like hitting yourself with calories! And by calories I mean A LOT of calories! But yes I have seen people hopping on the fried items because they only want to cash their money!

PS: Pait aur Sehat jaaye bhaar mai!

The “Bas Plate Bhar Lo” Clan

Now let’s be honest here! There is so much poverty in our country yet we are blessed enough to dine in at such a lavish place but at the same time, we are all wasting so much money and food. This food can feed so many people around us! But we, being an ‘o-so-porch’ nation only try to fill up our plates with the food even we are not even interested to eat. But just for the sake of “buffet hai thooso” we waste a lot of food. Trust me, these diners are my personal hated ones.

The “End tak thooste raho” Group

Now amongst the Type of Foodies you will find at all Iftaar Parties , these are the most interesting ones! These people dine in till the evolution of mankind. Even they know what the waiters are eating after serving everyone. Personally, pait to aapka apna hi hai bhai! Kitna bharogey? :O but no no, you are not aware of us Pakis! 😀 we can fill up our tonds with everything around.

So have you been to any of these parties and saw these type of foodies? If yes, comment below or let us know the ones you met so that hamari bhi knowledge mai izafa ho!

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