Unknown facts about the Brooklyn Bridge of New York

unknown facts about the Brooklyn Bridge of New York

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What you don’t know about the stunning structure of the famous hybrid cable suspension bridge of New York, yes we are talking about the Brooklyn Bridge of New York which is on the list of some of the oldest bridges of the world.

We have heard and read a lot about the historic bridge but little do we know about some of its astonishing and unknown facts about the Brooklyn Bridge of New York


Approximately 20 people fatally died during the construction of the Brooklyn bridge

The first death was seen in 1869 even before the construction was started, the person who designed the bridge, Mr. John A Roebling was once taking the compass readings of the bridge and his foot got crashed between a boat and some pilings, and after a few weeks he lost his life.

Though not an accurate numbering of the people dead during the construction are finalized but many fell down off the heights of the bridge and lost their lives.


John. A Roebling’s son joined in hands the construction after his father’s death

One of the most interesting yet unknown facts about the Brooklyn Bridge of New York is that soon after John’s death, his son Washington Augustus Roebling decided to construct it further and joined hands with the manufacturing process to make his father’s dream come true

But bad luck was in the blood and his son was caught in a severe decompression sickness and was soon all set for bed rest.


It took 2 generations to build it

After the illness of Washington Roebling, his wife Emily decided to take forward his husband’s construction work, soon it became a successful victory of a female engineer to construct and design the bridge.

Emily did the major work of construction and further she went forward for her completion of her degree in law and published several articles on gender equality to encourage females at work.


The bridge’s inauguration was a grand celebration

On 24th May, in 1883 the bridge was opened with a massive celebration where a huge crowd was seen bustling towards it, it was the greatest gala day in the history of New York.

The governor and numerous politicians marched towards the bridge with band of military troop and fellow men.


Tragedy occurred, right after the opening

After a week of the opening ceremony of the Brooklyn Bridge, there was a chaotic situation that occurred there. A

round 20k people were on the bridge at that time and a news came forward that the bridge is about to demolish or collapse.

12 of them were brutally crashed due to the sudden chaos and running of the people, others were shed into blood and the situation was worse than one could describe.


The bridge was proposed with several names before the finalization of ‘’Brooklyn Bride’’

The beautiful bridge that connects Manhattan with the East river was not always called as the Brooklyn Bridge as it underwent numerous other names which were proposed.

Firstly it was decided to be pronounced as Great East River Bridge, then ‘’the New York and the Brooklyn Bridge’’ then in 1867 it was named as the Brooklyn Bridge finally.


The bridge expands in cold temperature

YES, It is also one of the unknown facts about the Brooklyn Bridge of New York that the Brooklyn Bridge expands in cold temperature.

Don’t refer it as a miracle as the same happens with the Eiffel Tower in summers when it expands due to excessive heat.

Similarly, the Brooklyn Bridge expands when it’s cold as the wires used to construct it has been doing the same for several years. So when its extreme cold, the Brooklyn Bridge rises.


Its opening ceremony had too many fireworks that they were seen from New Jersey

People of New Jersey claim that when the fireworks were exploded whilst the opening ceremony of the Brooklyn Bridge, they were even able to see them from their space.

Hundreds and thousands of fireworks were launched and this made it one of the grandest celebrations in the history.

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