Victims of Sexual Harrasment

If you keep quiet when shit happens, you becomes its part. Remember that!

Sshh keep quiet, you don’t have to speak about it in front of anyone, especially your Dad, You want him to get hurt? You want him to feel neglected in front of his relatives?

But mom it was not even my fault, I was…

Listen!! Do you want us to go through this struggle?  Do you?

“NO! No, I can’t, I won’t, I’ll keep quiet”, she replied, and tears roll down her cheeks…

This is when she learned that all her fairy tale stories has now came to an end and she is no less than a rotten piece of unwanted sh*t!!!

This article of mine is a dedication to all those who chose the power of their words over silence, who stood up for themselves and didn’t care about society, who broke down but somehow managed to collect those pieces, joined them together and smiled back.

Yes it is to all the victims of Rape or sexual harassment, now the moment I wrote down this ‘’not so ethical and socially acceptable word’’ I am sure plenty of the minds reading this thought lets shut it down, she is yet another feminist fighting for the rights of women for no genuine reason, but chances are I may disappoint you in this regard because I am not a feminist, I am just anti bullshit!

You know who are the real victims of rape? Its ‘’us’’ the people who choose silence over the voices for the sake of being accepted in the society.

We are the real promoters of this unethical way of treatment towards people who are being victimized and facing sexual harassment.

The tragic part is people reading this will only think of me being feminist but the real reason is that not only women but men are also a victim of rape since years.

Stop Harassment!

Millions of men are being raped in the US, though women and children are more of a victim of sexual harassment but I think it’s a kind of defilement that doesn’t see the gender and spreads rapidly.

The sad part of this not so acceptable word ‘’rape’’ is that it causes not only physical but psychological traumas which are not for a day or two, it’s for lifetime.

The end result of it is usually mental illness or more often death, so it is okay to die but not to speak about a crime which is not even done by you?

My question is, why are we asked to shut our mouth after this immortal act of someone else? Becoming a victim itself is a big devastation then why do people force us to get destroyed more by keeping ourselves quiet and to forget this event as if it was that easy.

If it would have been that easy, people would never ask those victims to shut their mouth instead thousands would be standing with them in this tough time, usually the people who we really look forward to after our biggest loss, disappoints us the most!

I am quirky, blunt and a happy writer, who lives in a crazy fascinating world of unrealistic realities and imaginations. My passion combines my enormous lust of writing and visualizing places I have been or have not been to, and writing them down on web, word pad or on just a piece of paper is the reason behind my peace of mind

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